August 31, 2021
From Anarchist News

What?! Haha, no really, stop joking...Wait, are you serious?


by AdBusters

Alright you redeemers, rebels and radicals out there,

Take Two.

Ten years after Occupy Wall Street one thing has become painfully clear: the people in charge of the global system have run it aground.

It’s time for another show of righteous discontent.

But this time will be a little different. Instead of marching in the streets and occupying parks, we’re calling for a Worldwide General Strike — A Day of Rage Against World Leaders.

On September 17th, everything simply … stops. Kids don’t go to school. Parents don’t go to work. We don’t drive our cars. We don’t go out to the shops.

We bring the world to a standstill.

And then, as revolutionary promise hangs in the air, we deliver an ultimatum to our leaders:

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Between now and then, we send this message to every politician, every journalist, every pundit . . . every CEO, artist and intellectual luminary. We blast it across the internet for all to read.

We print out multiple copies and stick them up all over our cities . . . on every lamppost, bank window, storefront and government-office door.

Then, at COP26 in Glasgow this November, if our leaders refuse to declare a Code-Red Emergency and make urgently needed cuts to emissions, We the People of the world will rise up and bring their doomsday machine to a sudden sputtering halt.

And out of its smoking corpse, we’ll rise up and build anew.

The Third Force