May 15, 2022
From Red Fight Back (UK)
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NATO is no innocent party to current events in Ukraine. In order to reach peace within the region, NATO’s military occupation and nuclear imperialism must be brought down across Europe.

Image: Ukrainian soldier with a US-supplied Javelin anti-tank missile system

To say that the war in Ukraine started with the Russian Federation’s recent invasion would be incorrect. War has been raging in the Donbass region for over 8 years now. The reasons behind this war and Russia’s invasion lay in the events of Euromaiden and the expansion of NATO in Eastern Europe.

Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, an aggressive expansion of NATO has taken a grip on Eastern European states. The military expansion has taken place alongside a destructive form of so-called “shock therapy” neo-liberal reforms, done hand-in-hand with the IMF, which has allowed the current class of the rich to rise to power across the former Warsaw Pact states. Ukraine has previously lied between the two opposing forces of Western Europe and Russia, its elections vied between economically pro-Russian and pro-EU parties. The fall of former president Viktor Yanukovych during the events of Euromaiden left the terrain open for the American imperialist actors and allies to take to the streets to compete for newfound power in Ukraine. Yet the prime allies for the Euro-Americans would not be liberals or centrists, but battalions of far-right fighters.

The advance guard of Ukrainian fascism, Azov Battalion, began as a paramilitary group. In the years since, it has been fully absorbed as a Regiment in the Ukrainian military structure, and plays a key role in the conflict. It has been continuously funded by NATO as it sits on the front line against the separatist republics of Luhansk and Donetsk. The deceased imperialist John McCain happily met with leaders of the anti-Semitic Svoboda party during the height of Euromaiden. Members of the Banderite Right Sector have become officers in the NAA, Ukraine’s premier military education institution and a major hub for Western military assistance to the country. The examples are numerous and all point to a knowing strategy of NATO to escalate war within the region by placing the most viscous and violent Nazis in positions of military power. In the meantime, they have used this power to execute pogroms against Roma with Ukraine. A telling instance that showcases just who NATO partners up with in times of crisis.

This is not a change for NATO. The very founding of NATO was inclusive of military officers of the Third Reich. Adolf Heusinger, Operations Chief within the High Command of the Nazi army, would go on to become NATO’s Chief of Staff in the early 60’s. Likewise, Hans Speidel, a general under Erwin Rommel, became Supreme Commander of NATO’s ground forces in Central Europe from 1957-1963. From its very foundations, NATO found itself continuing long standing bourgeois alliances with fascists to form a bulwark against Bolshevism. NATO’s actions during the Cold War only confirm this observation.

Across nations formerly occupied by the Western Allies during World War 2, stay-behind operations continued under the name Operation Gladio. Their aim is to employ a strategy of tension across nations, by using far right assets to commit atrocities to place public trust in the bourgeois security state. Neofascists such as Vincenzo Vinciguerra confirm their own willing alliance with the Atlantic Alliance, assuredly bombing and killing with the assistance of the secret services. Within Turkey, the Counter-Guerrilla (NATO Gladio branch within the nation) worked with the far-right Grey Wolves to murder student activists, pogrom minorities and bomb communist marches in an attempt to halt the progress of militant left forces in fighting back against the counter revolutionary state.

In essence, NATO is no innocent party to current events in Ukraine. It has knowingly delayed any peace negotiation with the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, it has armed to the teeth entire battalions of neofascist fighters, and it has allowed its own nation states’ war merchants and mercenaries to opportunistically exploit the current invasion. In order to reach peace within the region, NATO’s military occupation and nuclear imperialism must be brought down across Europe. Only then will the war profiteers and imperialists be brought to heel. If not, they will continue to barbarically plunder the world in new wars and edge the planet into total destruction. The working class would see only terror and annihilation from the escalation of such a reactionary war. The only solution is instead the escalation of the class war at home.

Down with NATO, down with imperialist war – the only just war is people’s war!