November 15, 2020
From Anarchist News

On the situation of comrades Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero

From Act for Freedom!, 29th October 2020

As you know, our comrades Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero have been in jail since July, accused of various explosive attacks that took place between July 2019 and February 2020. Legal proceedings against them are still open and so are the terms of the investigation, and there are no significant news in this respect.

As for the situation of each of them, we have the following news:

Francisco Solar is still being held in the Maximum Security Unit of Prison (CAS), and he was recently inflicted two searches, carried out by police intelligence services in collaboration with the guards. Notes of the comrade’s defence case were seized as well as drafts of texts, and he is also being inflicted continuous abuse by the prosecutor, who demanded these searches.

Mónica Caballero, on her part, is being held in a Module for public crimes in the prison of San Miguel, where for weeks she had to face total censorship on communication. No letter, it doesn’t matter of what sort, could get in or out; at last, after repeated pressure, the prison administration established a protocol to allow the comrade to send out letters, but at the same time it forbids letters to be send directly from the prison by post. Considering the situation, we have temporarily set up the following address, so that comrades from other countries can send their letters to us, and we’ll then have them delivered to the comrade:

Santa Isabel 0151
Locale 6
Santiago (Chile)
In spite of openings and the end of isolation, there are no visiting rooms in prisons, but only the possibility to make phone calls and video calls, which are however monitored by the guards.
Solidarity with Mónica and Francisco!


Traduzione (dallo spagnolo): Inferno Urbano
Translated to english by act for freedom now!