Vladimir Platonenko

In assessing one’s position on the Russian-Ukrainian war and its participants, it is easy to make one of two mistakes. One can decide that since the Ukrainian people have become victims of Russian aggression, it is necessary to support Ukraine against Russia. One can decide that since both the Russian and Ukrainian states are fighting for their statist interests, then the radish horseradish is not sweeter and one should want defeat like Russia. so is Ukraine. Both of these mistakes are based on the idea of Russia and Ukraine as single entities, whereas in each of these countries, in addition to the state, there are various social groups that also have their own interests. Keeping this in mind, let’s analyze both mistakes and find the right solution.

Protection against aggression
The entire population of Ukraine suffers from Russian aggression from the homeless to the president. But it suffers in different ways. If ordinary Ukrainians risk losing their homes, livelihoods, and often their very existence, if the war threatens them with loss of health, and even their lives, then the oligarch and official are threatened by the war with the loss of the “fodder base”, which for him is the Ukrainian people. So, the attack of a wolf on a goat for a goat is fraught with death, and for its owner – only the loss of a goat. That does not exclude the possibility of his heroic struggle with the wolf for his goat. Which he milks, and someday eats no worse than a wolf.

The Ukrainian authorities, just like the Russian authorities, treat their “hard workers” and “selyuks” in the same way as the “selyuks” themselves treat their livestock. And if the Ukrainian people, to a greater extent than the Russian people, resist this, not wanting to be cattle, then this is the merit of the Ukrainian people, not the Ukrainian government.

The Ukrainian government today is a lesser evil in comparison with the Russian one precisely because the Ukrainian people, in comparison with the Russian people, are less submissive. If, for the sake of fighting someone else’s power, he gives unconditional support to his own, then this lesser evil will quickly grow to the size of a larger one. And what would be the point of defending Ukraine from Russia if Ukraine became a complete semblance of Russia?

Horseradish and radish
Radish horseradish, of course, is not sweeter, but there are other root vegetables. And it is simply criminal not to understand the difference between a contractor (sit as a mercenary, let’s call a spade a spade), a conscript who was sent to the front without asking his wishes, and a territorial defense fighter – a civilian who took up arms to defend his right to live as he sees fit, and not as Putin believes, operating on his native territory, formally subordinate to the central government. but in fact, often making decisions on their own, in fact, a guerrilla rebel.

Theroboronians aren’t always angels either. It is said that Russian soldiers are most afraid of being captured by the theroborone. It is understandable – if a soldier obeys his superiors, then the partisan often decides for himself whether to treat the prisoner with barbecue or let him go to barbecue, and his superiors are not a decree. Petlyura’s famous pogroms were explained not by Petlyura’s anti-Semitism, but by the high-handedness of his atamans, as they would say now, the “field commanders” of his semi-partisan army. On the other hand, Makhno, in his even more partisan army, successfully suppressed pogroms, and anti-Semitism in general.

Finally, we must understand that at the moment the Russian government is more dangerous than the Ukrainian one, for the majority of Ukrainians in any case. The fight against the Russian army is for many of them just a matter of survival. I repeat, the point is not that the Russian army is a greater evil, but that it is a more dangerous evil. Between the plague and cholera, as you know, do not choose. But to decide for medicines for which of the diseases to go in the first place, sometimes you have to. And if the plague is only looming on the horizon, and half the people are already lying from cholera, we must first drive for a cure for cholera. If cholera is still only threatening, and the plague is already in full swing – then from the plague. In Ukraine now there are no detachments that could fight on two fronts at once. Therefore, for the same territorial defense, it is quite natural today to fight against the Russian army, without once again fighting with the Ukrainian one.

Feel the difference!
It would seem that what difference does it make to fight against the Russian army, because it is a greater evil, or because it is more dangerous? It’s still against her. Oh no! Greater and lesser evils are not necessarily more and less dangerous, respectively. And if now Russia is both a greater and more dangerous evil for Ukrainians at the same time, then over time everything can change. And the question of whether to continue to fight the Russian army or switch to the Ukrainian government will depend not on whether Russia has remained a great evil, but on whether it has remained more dangerous.

This applies not only to Ukrainians. For the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, now the most dangerous evil is “their own”, the Russian state. His victory over Ukraine would mean for Russians not only the expansion of the prison in which they live, but also the tightening of the prison regime, even more “tightening the screws” by the authorities who felt their power. But as soon as the Russian government weakens so much that it will have to capitulate (and after the West has agreed to sanctions, it is unlikely to cancel them even after the simple withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, and will try to “squeeze” the Russian Federation), the very liberals who once helped first Yeltsin, then Putin, but were later pushed back by the latter from the management of the country, will arrive in the wagon of the winners. and then from the feeder. And they will not come at all to asphalt Russian roads or to bring sewers into villages, but then to regain their feeder, to steal what Putin and Co. have not yet managed to steal. Once Putin squeezed Khodorkovsky’s pipe, now Khodorkovsky will have the opportunity to return it. And to pay the collective West for help in returning to the trough, he and his ilk will be at the expense of the “deep people”, who will be declared guilty of supporting Putin. Despite the fact that it was this very people who was least asked who they wanted to support and whether they wanted to support anyone at all. And then it is the liberals who will become the most dangerous evil for the Russians, whom they once drove to where Putin is now trying to drive the Ukrainians, and for whom they intend to “punish” them, making scapegoats.

Feel it, and you will immediately feel the difference between fighting a more dangerous evil and supporting a smaller one.


Source: Awsm.nz