May 27, 2021
From Stand Up To Racism (UK)

Hungary’s far right, antisemitic and Islamophic leader is being welcomed to Downing Street this Friday, 28 May, by Boris Johnson.

Orbán has targetted the Muslim community, describing them as “invaders”.

He has stirred up hatred against the Roma community.

He has talked of an international conspiracy allegedly headed by George Soros – a statement with obvious antisemitic conotations.

He led an election campaign in 2018 calling to defend Hungary from becoming and “immigrant nation”.

We do not believe any British prime minister should be meeting Orbán the racist.

The fact that Johnson is going ahead with the meeting reflects the racist populism being pushed by his administration – and just as the Tory party is found in an enquiry to have a serious problem with Islamophobia.

Stand Up To Racism is organising a protest outside Downing street along with organisations such as the Jewish Socialists’ Group and GR8, representing Gypsy, roma and 8 other ethnic groups, MEND, the CWU and ASLEF.

Details & a description of the event can be found here.