March 17, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

The Vote Leave government, who came to power on the back of a Brexit vote promising to give us ‘freedom’ seem very intent on keeping all that ‘freedom’ they ‘took back’ for themselves while taking still more from us. To put this in perspective, the government want to be able to jail someone for breaking the arm of the statue for longer than you’d get if you were to break the arm of an actual human being. But then this was always a government laser focused on their own power and little else. This tweet sums up the situation well:

Acting unlawfully as a Minister?
No punishment.

Protesting against Ministers acting unlawfully?
Up to ten years in prison.

They want to codify in law that it’s one rule for them and another for us. But hey! There’s all the anti-snowflake lot who were all about being really, really annoying and that if you don’t like it – tough! They must be at the forefront of opposition?


Without opposition, this is how our freedoms actually die – not by ‘banning’ Mr Potatohead or Dr. Seuss books; but by laws that remove our freedoms and hand them over to cops and politicians;

However, these does seem to be opposition: Locally, what people have taken to doing, it seems, is a bit of a Spartacus moment where they pasting the following text into a social media message;


It’s time for everyone to come together to demand the #PoliceBill is stopped. We will not tolerate a police state. We will defend our right to protest.

Please wear PPE and social distance.

This protest has NO organiser.

With an image doing the rounds. Here’s what it looks like:

Not only that, but others are protesting via a petition seeking to raise the issue has also been doing the rounds. If it hits 100K people, the government must debate the issue. It’s currently at 59K. You can sign it here.

In addition, local groups have been protesting by pressuring MPs in the region who voted for the Bill;