January 20, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         Most aware people see the media as a mouthpiece for the state and big business, yet turn to it for “news”. The fact that it does the bidding of big money and the establishment, somehow is overlooked, and the unverified hand-out often is taken as fact that starts to mould public opinion in the direction of state/corporate desire. The media on the whole accepts the establishment’s hand out, no real scrutiny, research, or analysis, where does that leave democracy, in the dust bin of course. According to established power, wealth and privilege, public opinion is there to be shaped to their advantage, not to be considered when shaping society. We the public must make our own media, based on evidence, critical analysis and an aim to improve the life of all on this planet, free from authority and profit motive. 

The following is an extract from an article by Caitlin Johnstone:

— Moon of Alabama (@MoonofA) Januara 14, 2022

        None of this is to say that every theory about any false flag operation is true; many are not. But the way the mass media will instantly embrace an idea to which they’ve heretofore been consistently hostile just because their government told them to to do it says so much about the state of the so-called free press today, and the fact that the rank-and-file public simply accepts this and marches along with it as though talking about false flags has always been normal says so much about the level of Orwellian doublethink that people have been trained to perform in today’s information ecosystem. The way false flag operations were widely considered conspiratorial hogwash until the instant they were reported as real by the media institutions who’ve lied to us about every war is downright creepy.
      The problem with preemptive false flag accusations is of course that the side making the claim can simply launch an unprovoked attack and then say “See? They’re staging a false flag to frame our side, just like we said they would!” And then they can present their subsequent actions as defensive in nature, when in reality they were the aggressors and instigators. We are seeing nothing from the obedient western news media to suggest they’d do anything other than uncritically regurgitate such claims into the minds of their trusting audiences.
     As the Beltway doctrine that US unipolar hegemony must be preserved at all cost crashes headlong into the reality of an emerging multipolar world, the US government is now more dangerous than it has ever been at any point in its history. We need the press to be holding the drivers of empire to account with the light of truth, and we need the public to be opposing and scrutinizing these reckless escalations. Instead, we are getting the exact opposite. God help us all.

Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com