April 1, 2021
From Anarchist News

our unpaid intern waiting to take your calls

Announcing our new project, which for the moment is called “Our New Project”. Before we stake our lives and every waking moment towards making this project the best thing since Infoshop.org in the early 2000s, we are kindly asking for your money.

At risk of divulging too much information (OPSEC, am I right?) and letting the fascists know about our plans, at this moment we can’t tell you much more about the project, other than we have formed a committee of anarchist individuals who have honed their battle scars for years on the streets, in real life.

Right now, we need around $10,000 USD to get the website up and running and then around 15,000 USD each month for other aspects of the project, which will mostly involve us using Twitter to partake in online social media drama. If you donate any amount over $50 we will put your name in our NFT logo image before the planned auction next year. Please donate, like, and subscribe today!

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Source: Anarchistnews.org