May 16, 2022
From PM Press

By Paul Gallant
May 3, 2022 12:57 pm EDT

Your Place or Mine? A 21st Century Essay on (Same) Sex by Gilles Dauvé

Pride books: Your Place or Mine
Credit: Courtesy of PM Press

Who can resist a little Marxist French critical theory? A participant in the 1968 Paris rebellion and a writer for the radical gay magazine FlĂ©au Social, in Your Place or Mine? (PM Press), Gilles DauvĂ© turns his intellect to dissecting sexual identities that have been constructed since the 19th century, from “fairies” in Victorian England to transmen in early 20th-century Manhattan and, of course, Stonewall’s revolutionaries. Emerging from all that deconstruction, DauvĂ© imagines a utopia where “one can be human without having to be classified by sexual practices or gender expressions,” reads the publisher’s promotional blurb. “Where one need not find shelter in definition or assimilation. A refreshing reminder that we are not all the same, nor do we need to be.” Translated from the French. Out May 8.