February 28, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         The police in most countries are out of control and all with the blessing of the state. I think the Greek police are at the forefront of this charge to suppress any form of dissent. However the citizens of Greece are not taking this lying down, day in and day out they face this police brutality  for simple protesting a gross act of inhumanity, and stand their ground, we owe them solidarity and support. There is a bond of unity between all police, there has to be a bond of unity between  all citizens seeking that better world for all.

          Athens, Greece: For the 7th time in 7 protests in solidarity to the hunger striker Dimitris Koufodinas, scores of riot policemen tried to spread fear and terror amongst those that dared to raise their voices and their feasts in the air to protest the prisoner’s imminent death, but people stood their ground, as you may see in the video. If Dimitris Koufodinas (on strike since January 8, 2021) dies it will be the first prisoner on hunger strike to die in the European Union, since the death of Bobby Sands on May 5, 1981, in Northern Ireland, under the Margaret Thatcher regime. Dimitris Koufodinas, now 63 years old, is on hunger strike for the last 50 days and has begun a thirst strike too since 23 February. His death is considered imminent. His current demand is to be transferred to Korydallos prison, as well as, an end to these arbitrary interventions against him. Even after 50 days without food and 3 without water, the greek government refuses his right to equal treatment. People that dared to protest in Athens today, 26 February 2021, were, once again, forcefully attacked by scores of policemen for no reason, just for protesting. This is the 7th time in the last few weeks that protests for Koufodinas in Athens city centre have been heavily attacked by riot cops. 

– The rise of right wing fascism within the greek government –

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