November 14, 2020
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         You can call this pandemic what you will, hoax, grand conspiracy, over exaggerated bad flu or whatever. However, what we can all agree on is the the state/corporate system has taken full advantage of the situation. Massive increase in surveillance, greater state control over our activities and movements, curtailing large groups from meeting up, and creating a general submissiveness among the general public, while we all wait for our next instructions, all for our own good of course. Meanwhile the corporate greed machine has been getting the government to pay billions of pounds into it already stuffed coffers, money that we, the tax payer, will be forced to pay back. Then there has been their shedding of labour switching everything to online, and slashing at working conditions, while creating a large pool of unemployment, which in turn will keep wages down. 

       For those who struggle for freedom and justice in this unjust system, where should our focus be. I suppose some things will always hold good, organise mutual aid programs in you community open up discussion groups in your workplace and communities, but then there is the direct action to try and undermine, short-circuit and circumvent the system, and that I suppose is where individual and group choice comes into the affair. 
A Pandemic
C onfined to barracks no end in sight
O rdinary socialising now forbidden
R eality that doesn’t seem quite right
O pen house all invites hidden
N o hugs, no squeezes, no gentle kiss
A ny close contact, tinged with fear
V oices received through social media
I nvisible enemy prowling near
R epressive laws come with doubt
U ndying desire to be out and about
S ocial contact now told to disappear

The following from 325:

       As we’ve seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, the State takes advantage of the situation with (offline and online) monitoring, controlled by police and also through technological devices, for example CCTV, smart phones, etc. Their reasons for this situation are, as we know very well, is in the name of public safety, which is an illusion repeated over and over.
       We are faced with a situation that is uncertain, we do not know when the pandemic will end and at the same time the State is intensifying its control technology, on which the use is augmented and enhanced, CCTV for example. At the start of the pandemic we found that surveillance of urban space with CCTV increased and active police-army patrols as well. This situation makes the resistance movement decrease, we are “required” to stay put, to isolate oneself. But is this any logical reason not to follow up with the rebels on the streets? We are sure and our answer is no.
      We refuse to be passive in the midst of the control and seizure of living space by the State, government and police. However, due to this pandemic and the situation of contamination, we must seek a gap – without meaning to be arrogant – and to simultaneously maintain the health of oneself and with shared affinity and continue the rebellion (albeit minimal and inadequate). We believe it can be done. Because of this attitude, on November 13 on one of the roads of Pontianak city, we sabotaged the CCTV and take responsible for this action.
      And lastly, we are in solidarity with fellow Italian anarchists in Operation Scripta Manent, Panico, Prometo, Ritrovo, Lince, Renata, Bialystok, Scintilla, who were repressed by the public prosecutor and Brenner Court. And for fellow Belarusian anarchists, and to Monica and Francisco, also to Gabriel Pombo, also to Tanggerang and Makassar fellow anarchists, and for all imprisoned anarchists all over the world. Our attacks are dedicated to you, without terms and conditions.
Fight Control Technology!
Fight the Prison and For the Release of All Prisoners!
Long live anarchy, long live the insurrection!

Maverick Cell – Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)

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