May 11, 2022
From Dark Nights

One night at the end of April I set fire to a service car of the RATP in Paris (rue des Rondeaux)

The RATP (public transport) is a key player in the capitalist/state management of our lives (in the Paris region). It transports us to work, to the places of consumption and to the different tasks that are imposed on us. Read: exploitation and alienation.
It sorts out the good poor to be transported for free (but with the possibility of controlling their movements) and the bad who do not have the right papers or do not want to be traced. For the latter, gates, cameras everywhere, controllers, guards, all in close collaboration with the police.

The cogs of this morbid normality are right in front of you!
Let’s put a stop to the daily routine!

a fraudster

Source: Attaque