November 29, 2020
From Enough Is Enough 14

Paris. France. Several hundred thousand people took to the streets this weekend against the police state. In Paris, nearly 200,000 demonstrators from many different backgrounds mobilized in various ways. It was a historic mobilization for freedom.

Originally published by Nantes Révoltée. Translated by Enough 14. Image above by Groupe Révolutionnaire Charlatan.

In the face of the massive aggression by the police, and as a result of the numerous abuses committed by the forces of repression, the revolt was expressed in the capital: fires, barricades, confrontations, self-defense. These gestures were in response to several years of mutilations, killings, arrests and hasty sentencing. Faced with all forms of protest, from simple speeches to confrontation, the state has always had the same response: violence.

Several demonstrators were injured, including a person who was dragged unconscious and a journalist who was severely beaten. On the other side, police had to flee several times in the face of a determined crowd.

The Macron government is at war: some images of the social war on Saturday, November 28th in Paris.

Nantes Révoltée, November 29, 2020.

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