May 23, 2021
From Idavox

One might say Ian Alexander Kramer’s assault on an antifascist was what made Andy Ngo a well-known figure among conservatives. Right after Ngo doxed his victim antifascists made him leave their crowd at another rally in a very infamous incident. No one has ever been charged in said incident, which makes this conviction even sweeter!


Ian Alexander Kramer, a member of a neo-fascist organization Patriot Prayer that assaulted a female antifascist with a metal baton breaking her vertebrae in a May 1, 2019 incident where Patriot Prayer attempted to lay siege on a Portland cidery known for being a place where antifascists hang out, has pled guilty for the assault and was sentenced to 20 months in prison as well as five years probation. In the wake of the assault, the woman was then was doxed by neo-fascist propagandist Andy Ngo, which prompted others to consider him so much of a danger that in a later rally against the Proud Boys, he was hit with milkshakes and Silly String in a successful attempt to force him out of the antifascist crowd he tried to embed himself in, an incident that made him a cause célèbre among conservatives.

According to Oregon Live, Kramer, 46, pleaded guilty to one count each of riot, second-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon. He was then sentenced to the 20 months with credit for time served. Kramer was arrested in August 2019 and spent a year in jail before being released on bail in August 2020. In addition to the prison term, he faces five-years of post-prison probation, with a stipulation that he cannot participate in any demonstrations declared unlawful assemblies or riots. Coincidentally, this stipulation is similar to that of his contemporary, Proud Boy/Patriot Prayer associate Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, who had pled guilty to a 2018 assault in Portland, and violated this probation agreement in August 2020 when he left his state of Washington to attend a Pro-Trump rally in downtown Portland. He was arrested and released after serving 121 days in December. Three weeks later on Jan. 6, He participated in a rally in Olympia Washington that saw protesters storming the Governor’s mansion and Toese shoving a female security guard.

Kramer was one of six Patriot Prayer members who were arrested after they showed up at the Cider Riot where several antifascists were present. The group of about twenty persons they were with included other Patriot Prayer members, the Proud Boys and propagandist Andy Ngo who was filming much of the scene. In the brawl that ensued, Kramer, wielding a metal baton, beat one woman unconscious and broke her vertebrae. Two days later Ngo, who reportedly attended the Patriot Prayer planning meeting for that day, posted her name on Twitter and implied she instigated the attack, in one instance even blurring out Kramer as he attacked her. A month later at a Portland rally organized by the Proud Boys, a group allegedly physically attacked Ngo, who was present filming within the antifascist crowd. No one was arrested, and Ngo went on to use the incident to make himself into a professional victim of antifa, but he has never mingled with the Portland groups again.

In addition to Kramer, Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson, as well as Matthew Cooper, Mackenzie Lewis, Christopher Ponte and Russell Schultz were all arrested and charged for their roles in the Cider Riot incident. Ponte and Cooper were convicted in January 2020, and the cases for Gibson, Schultz and Lewis are still open. Gibson also faces a million dollar lawsuit filed against him by the owner of the now closed Cider Riot.