August 1, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

       Big Brother just gets cleverer and smarter and more devious. The latest invasion of your privacy comes from the home of an Israeli company NSO with its latest spyware Pegasus. It is capable of spying on and stealing data from any phone on its list without the owner have the slightest idea of what is going on. Each day reveals an ever growing list of journalists, activists, politicians, etc. names popping up as more is revealed of this underhand grab by anybody who can afford to purchase the spyware. There may be an outcry against this insidious infringement of our privacy, but big money is lining up to try and buy the company, as the financial Mafia know very well that there is big bucks to be made in snooping into other people’s lives. That is the shape of the society we tolerate, it stinks, it is rotten to the core. For decency and justice, for personal lives free from prying eyes of corporate or state power mongers, we have to destroy it, root and branch.

The following from KNOWLEDIA:

       NSO’s Pegasus spyware, a cyberweapon enabling state-sponsored terrorism against civil society, has outraged the world. In Israel, there’s complicity – or complete indifference. NSO’s Pegasus spyware, a cyberweapon that hacks cellphones and enables state-sponsored terrorism against civil society, has outraged the world. In Israel, there’s complicity – or complete indifference.
       “The violation of Israeli settlers’ right to ice cream”: The Ben & Jerry’s “outrage” is what most of Israel’s media, government and the Israeli public have been obsessing over for the last 24 hours, while in the rest of the world, newspapers headlines have been publicizing Israeli surveillance company NSO’s complicity in the political persecution of journalists, lawyers, politicians and human rights activists.
         Since 2017, when NSO’s involvement in political persecution in Mexico was exposed, there has been a steady flow of investigations around the world into its other human rights violations, and every few months more findings have been published. And in Israel, there was, and is, general indifference, both in the public square and in the political sphere. Was Israel Aware of NSO Clients’ Surveillance Targets? || NSO’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week Is Just the Start
          A charitable explanation of that indifference in Israel would be based as stemming from the (mistaken) belief that these were isolated, exceptional cases, or that the publications that exposed the misdoings were inherently “anti-Israel.”
         But even now, when the trickle of information about NSO has become a tsunami, in particular its Pegasus spyware (believed to have been acquired by numerous authoritarian governments as a spyware weapon to target political opponents, journalists and human rights activists), Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling its products in the occupied territories is still the most discussed issue in Israel – and the trigger for the loudest outrage.
         Activists and journalists protest outside Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office after a criminal complaint following a report their smartphones had been infected with spying software made by Israel’s NSO Carlos Jasso/…


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