November 27, 2020
From Non Serviam

Dozens of self-righteous businesspersons in Colorado are publicly announcing that they have no intentions of abiding by any pandemic-related lock-downs, that their workers and customers are welcome only to get fucked. They should all be reported to the BBB, and to OSHA, and boycotted judiciously although honestly some good old-fashioned firebombing is not uncalled for. But only after business hours, as evidently one is not a real patriot unless proactively willing and able to endanger the lives of fellow Americans, justifying any deaths as somehow necessary for personal pride, for national pride, as though pride holds supreme value, much less any value at all.

An obstruction from impeding the life or liberty of others is not a violation of any civil or basic human rights. Failure to get what you desire is not synonymous with a threat to your life. And yet some commenters are so outraged by the inconvenience of not having a cheeseburger in public, that they are threatening to shoot people for objecting to unnecessary deaths of Americans. When keeping everybody alive is no definition of tyranny. Opposition to traditional, non-corporate welfare is tyrannically endangering lives of Americans. Opposition to free universal healthcare preexisting conditions and all tyrannically endangers lives of Americans. Gun ownership tyrannically endangers the lives of anyone in shooting distance. Being pro-war no matter the casualties tyrannically endangers the lives of Americans. And all for profit, for ego-appeasement, but when no chain is stronger than its weakest link, where is the concern for keeping all of us alive, those purportedly god-blessed workers and consumers and tax-payers? Don’t be angry with people who don’t care to suffer permanent side-effects from exposure, be angry at the system holding as little regard for your own livelihood as you do unto others.

Do these people opposed to pandemic restrictions just not know how to cook for themselves? Are they so terrified by prospects of being left alone with their thoughts? Are they not capable of existing outside of crowds or lines or clusterfucks?

Right now, Americans are banned from all but a small handful of nations, 100% due to the completely selfish disregard for the well-being of others as displayed by these business-owners, predispositions which are quite commonplace nationwide outside of pandemics as well. Despite being further in debt than any nation in the history of the world, this government plucked two trillion dollars from thin air, not for concerns regarding small business owners or their employees, but so that billionaire contributors to political campaigns can maintain steady profits. Republicans pushed it and Democrats did nothing to stop it from happening. I think the hundreds of millions we are about to waste on bombing Iran would be better spent *not* empowering business models that require risking the health and safety of underpaid workers and overcharged customers. The majority of outlets for assistance were gutted prior to most people ever hearing about coronavirus. Trump nixed millions of households from food stamps and unemployment benefits, for no better reasons but to make national statistics appear less problematic while redirecting those resources for rewarding the biggest tax-dodgers with additional tax breaks. Before him, Obama slashed federal funding for all homeless shelters not exclusively supporting felons and junkies, and he robbed WIC to instead help boost Twitter taking its IPO public. Now that the bulk of Americans vitally need these resources, the monies are long gone into private coffers. The billions Jeff Bezos alone avoids in federal taxes could all by itself fund unemployment, food stamps and WIC every year, but it’s cheaper for him to just drop a few well-placed bribes, emoluments or campaign contributions than to be a contributing member of society, a relegation all those unable to afford are required by law to strive for and to adhere to like our lives depended on nothing else. The poorest have been supporting the wealthiest all along, working to the bone to further enrich them, buying their predominately unnecessary products and services while paying taxes on their behalf with the bulk of society pattered entirely to pleasure recipients of unearned wealth. If you’re an American reading this, no matter who you are understand that you paid more taxes over the last decade than did the wealthiest man in the country, and that this has been the case all your adult years. It’s somehow unpatriotic to feed and house everybody, to keep everybody alive, but patriotic to feed and house only the more ego-maniacal among us, to have them live larger than life. That’s servicing the egos, not what constitutes the actual country and certainly not your own best interests or better angels.

Contrary to the popular memes of Facebook, matters such as Social Security, widow’s benefits and government housing do not arrive from capitalist ideals, as there is no profit there for the born wealthy, but without these matters millions more would be dying in the streets every year. Even Medicare and Medicaid are technically just government loans, with copious loopholes in place denying coverage for all those calculated as incapable of someday repaying, of compensating for the generous tax write-offs awarded to the wealthiest by leaders theoretically elected to represent more than simply the wealthiest, yet who across the imaginary aisle habitually write-off the expenses of those who can afford them, but never of those who cannot.

In America, as citizens we’ve no choice but to pay for our own demise. That is precisely what those proud business-owners want of you.

If justifying the death of just one person, U.S. citizen or not, makes you feel patriotic, then your pride can get fucked. I’m not really sure what god was blessing here, as he was fairly explicit about how the whole “Thou shalt not kill” bit affords no room for exceptions, not for unwanted children, not for people who look or act differently than you, and not because you wanted to show off how cool you look. I oppose all wars. I oppose abortion (my body, my choice sayeth the unborn). I oppose capital punishment. Because unlike manifestly all others in this country, especially the many assholes citing religious belief as reason for denying lock-downs, I entertain no self-contradictions, and because everybody without exception deserves to stay alive, to suffer this life for as long as humanly possible.

I want desperately for you all to live, to suffer this hell your participation has grown to your dying day.