June 30, 2021
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See also 30/06/2021

FDA Lets Pfizer Test Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine on U.S. Children – Centre for Research onGlobalization

see also..Pfizer Bribed Nigerian Officials in Fatal Drug Trial that killed children,

On Oct. 16, Pfizer’s CEO indicated the company would likely file for FDA Emergency Use Authorization for its experimental BNT162b2 vaccine in late November. That statement came three days after Pfizer announced that it had received FDA permission to administer the unproven vaccine to children as young as 12, becoming the first company in the U.S. to include young participants in Phase 3 trials.

Pfizer pays Nigeria drug-trial victims - Al Jazeera English

see also> US-based Pfizer pays first four of possible 546 families for deaths and disabilities caused by meningitis test vaccine.

Are these parents (perhaps left unemployed by coronavirus restrictions) tempted by the financial incentives offered to clinical trial participants, reportedly anywhere from$1200to$2000?

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