January 25, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Philippines. An autonomous project promoting decentralized and self-manageable mobile Solar power Tekpak.

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You can support this project, initiated by Etniko Bandido Infoshop on Firefund.

A brief background of the project started in 2013 when Super Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines. It is a devastating blow and destructive to all the people. At this time, we managed to response in a post-calamity providing free electricity/free charging with the use of our Solar power equipment and the collective of Solar Guerilla Autonomous Response Team was born. “Autonomous direct-response is an immediate reaction in delivering and providing services directly to the affected communities or area which are devastated due natural catastrophe. A direct-action committed by individual or a group who are independent from local bureaucracy or government institution. “

Since the Philippines experienced estimated 20 typhoons a year, it is a necessity for us to provide mutual aid support in typhoon affected communities. In this practice, we can engage the people to discuss the issues related to climate crisis and the idea of giving a technical know-how about renewable energy particularly Solar power. In the global south, marginalized and vulnerable communities are always directly affected by the climate change; strong typhoons, severe droughts, loss of livelihoods and lives are some of the effect and yet, they are the one who are always last to know about technological advancement. To promote renewable energy, it needed to be seen if this is reliable, viable and practically beneficial. The idea of sharing this kind of project to every communities is to show that anyone can independently produce and distribute source of electricity and at the same time democratically control the usage of renewable energy. This project is part of the process of a pro-active resiliency towards a decentralized and self-manageable source of power.

Budget details:

-Equiptment- -Unit- -Prices-
Solar panels 2 274 €
Solar charge controller 2 103 euro
Inverter 2 68 euro
Battery 2 68 euro
Pellican case 2 51 euro
Wires, plug, bulb 17 euro
Total – 581 €

This project is initiated by Etniko Bandido Infoshop. EB Infoshop is our home and at the same time a socio-political space located in east of Manila, Philippines. Since 2010, our initiative is intended to promote anti-authoritarian/ anarchist thoughts and practices. Mostly, our space is a venue for hosting events, gatherings, workshop/seminar, info-talk/ small group discussion, film screening, art exhibition, small gigs and performances. An autonomous space propagating horizontalism and community-centered project and development.

You can support this project, initiated by Etniko Bandido Infoshop on Firefund.

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