October 14, 2020
From Anarchist Agency

Liebig34, an “anarcho-queer-feminist” housing project in Berlin, has been cleared of residents following a contentious eviction involving around 1,500 police officers.

Lily Wakefield, October 9, 2020

Officers from eight German states, including specialist units, descended on Liebigstrasse 34, commonly known as Liebig34, in Berlin on Friday (October 9) to forcibly evict residents.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside to block the mass eviction, according to Deutsche WelleOfficers drove a van up to the building and tried to break through the barricaded door, but fights began to break out between police and protesters.

Police claimed that protesters threw fireworks and glass at officers, and that tires, dumpsters and the Tiergarten metro station building were set on fire.

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Source: Anarchistagency.com