April 15, 2021
From Filler Zine (USA)

Anonymous submission received on 04.14.21

A group of about 15-20 comrades in bloc gathered in solidarity with Minneapolis & the family of Duante Wright as well as expressing support of police /prison abolition in general. There was a brief chat consenting to the goal of the action & assessing the temp of the evening before taking the streets.

The group marched in Shadyside in a randomly chaotic way down busy streets like Ellsworth, Walnut, Fifth ave & eventually back to the original meeting point for a safe dispersal. Cops followed and blocked streets, often blocking 3 out of 4 routes seemingly forcing the group in one direction but at one point they marched towards the police literally forcing the SUV to back up onto fifth ave. Both hilarious & amazing.

Comrades passed out pamphlets/mini zines about abolition to those encountered during the march . Most if not all bystanders were very supportive// no negative “outside agitators” to report. Cops mostly kept their distance and corked streets unnecessarily.

Action felt super fun, not very stressful, autonomous & no set form of leadership or noticeable hierarchy. A++

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