Amazon Employee Initiative launched on February 24 leaflet campaigns on reprimands and notes for the so-called offtaski. If you want to distribute leaflets in your warehouse, please contact us, we will send you ready-made materials or download a ready-to-print PDF / photocopying (below)!

As a trade union, the Employee Initiative, we are protesting against giving Amazon employees order penalties and official notes, in which it is alleged that “The employee was outside the bag (he did not perform work tasks) for [x] minutes during work”. These types of penalties and notes have recently been given more and more often. They should be repealed, deleted from the personal files and their use should be discontinued! We express our opposition to the growing and constant pressure put by the management to work as fast as possible.

1. Notes do not reflect the actual course of meetings between superiors and employees. Employees often provide numerous explanations pointing to the groundlessness of the allegations, which is not reflected in the notes. The note is handed out during the meeting and it contains a preconceived objection.
TIP: Demand that the note contains the content of your statement or add yourself what happened during the shift!

2. Employees are not always provided with a copy of the document or information where I can obtain such a copy.
TIP: Always request a copy of the document for yourself!

3. Amazon cannot appeal against the charges.
TIP: When you disagree with the allegation, appeal, necessarily in writing: prepare two copies, in HR ask for an acknowledgment of receipt. If you don’t know how to do it, contact us!

4. The notes do not meet the requirement of specificity: they only indicate the sum of minutes during work in which he allegedly accuses the employee of not performing official tasks.
TIP: Insist on the exact (printout) minutes of the alleged ‘out of the box’.

5. Lack of substantive grounds for penalties and notes for “being out of the box”. Failure to scan is not the same as failure to perform duties! It’s just the sum of the intervals between scans. This method of evaluation is not reliable. It does not take into account the time when the employee is at the employer’s disposal, but cannot scan packages for various reasons (scanner / computer / system failures, lack of goods, trolleys, remote locations, damaged codes, cleaning, toilet, water intake, use of spontaneous rest areas which Amazon placed after the union’s intervention, a conversation with the supervisor, auditor, HR – all this is related to the performance of work or the implementation of health and safety rules. The listing of the amount of alleged downtime generated cannot therefore be used as evidence that the employee did not perform official duties.
TIP: Get Organized! Join us!

We are calling on everyone to appeal against penalties, and we will support members and members, including through the courts! Our relationship has already led to a victory in the Labor Court, where the reprimand was deemed unfounded.

The Employee Initiative (IP) brings together employees from all FC. Currently, 750 people belong to the union. We defend members in labor courts (termination of contracts, order penalties). The dismissal of a permanent employee must be consulted with us. We also invite agency employees! Join us! Contact: and tel. 736-850-536