On Tuesday – July 6 – the Zielona Fala group hung a banner on the route from Mosina to Sowiniec, right next to the Aquanet SA bottling plant . The slogan: “If water is without gas” is to remind you that the most important and the most valuable resource that occurs on the planet is water. Any attempts to drill or seismic in the area of ​​the Mosina-Krajkowo spring may lead to a cut-off or significant deterioration of water quality for approximately 1 million inhabitants of Poznań and its vicinity.

In a short message on Facebook, activists wrote:
“We demand that the Ministry of Environmental Destruction and Climate Warming immediately withdraw all concessions in this area. We will not allow mining interests to override everyone’s fundamental right to drinking water.

At the same time, we express our solidarity with all those fighting for water resources around the world, where similar mining activities have polluted water sources, and “water” runs from the tap, which can be set on fire with a lighter.

We will certainly continue to look at this matter. “


Source: Awsm.nz