On 29.05.2021 as ZSP Wrocław we organized a picket under the shop “OFERTO” (all-in-one shop for 1 zł), located in Kłodzko at ul. National Army 2. In this shop, one of the employees worked without a contract (“black”) and did not receive full remuneration for all the days worked. Nor did she receive the promised employment contract. Contact with the boss was difficult. None of the store’s employees wanted employees to provide the boss’s details or his number, presumably out of fear.

Responding to the employee report, we organized a picket, entered the store and handed out a request for payment. One of the current employees of the store called the boss, who did not talk to us or come to the place. We have nothing left but picketing. We stand under the store, handed out leaflets and informed customers and passers-by about the case. There was a keen interest in the subject.

We expect that our actions will contribute to the settlement of the company “OFERTO” with the employee in accordance with the law by paying the missing part of the salary and payment of contributions from the employment relationship, as well as to stop hiring more people “in black”.

We oppose the inhuman treatment and exploitation of workers – we are always on their side. Other employees of the store “OFERTO”, as well as other workplaces, are invited to contact us in case of any employee violations – together we can influence how they treat us and make the boss lose confidence and be afraid of scandal, resulting from illegal employment and shameful treatment of employees.

Action video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0E43jqPiPc

Promises without coverage in the “OFERTO” store | ZSP

Source: Awsm.nz