At noon on August 11, activists from the Committee for the Protection of Residents ‘Rights and the cooperating Union of Polish Syndicalists (ZSP, a section of the International Workers’ Association) came to the parliament building in Warsaw to demand an end to the practice of reprivatization of housing in the form of the return of ownership of houses to the descendants of those who had them. confiscated during the Nazi occupation and the rule of the Communist Party. In fact, this property right is bought up by housing speculators, who then drive the real tenants out onto the street.

The reason for the action was the discussion in the Sejm of amendments to the new law on the Code of Administrative Procedure, which proclaims a 30-year limitation period for property restitution. The amendments proposed by the Senate reversed this provision.

Tenants and anarcho-syndicalists demanded that these amendments be rejected. They held up banners reading “Justice for Residents” and “Stop Reprivatization”. After discussion, the Sejm rejected the amendments introduced by the Senate.

A representative of the Committee for the Protection of Residents’ Rights welcomed this development of events, calling it an important step towards ending reprivatization.


Source: Awsm.nz