On May 30 this year, representatives of the Union of Syndicalists of Poland, Łódź Section, conducted an intervention in the Żabka store at ul. Wielkopolska 53a.

The action took place at the request of the former employee, whose franchise holder did not pay the full remuneration. The section activists and the injured employee did not find a franchise holder who should work there on a non-trading Sunday. We learned from the employee (!) That the franchise holder is on vacation …

In this situation, we have submitted a letter to the store with a request to immediately settle the financial arrears of the injured employee and the legal consequences in the event of non-payment.
A further campaign in the event of a refusal to pay has been announced. The intervention of ZSP-Łódź was successful. Soon, Żabka’s employee recovered the outstanding money from the franchise holder. Congratulations to her!


Source: Awsm.nz