May 21, 2022
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Write an anarchist prisoner today!

from Fuori dalla riserva via Dark Nights

On May 5, imprisoned anarchist Alfredo Cospito was notified of his transfer from “High Security 2” to 41 bis. The decree was ordered by Justice Minister Marta Cartabia. The 41 bis is an afflictive penitentiary regime that provides for: isolation and silence, the absence of sociability and any internal activity, censorship of correspondence and the blocking of a good part of it, one hour of monthly interview with the dividing glass, recording of the interview itself, ten minutes of phone calls per month with an authorized and forced family member from a barracks, the prohibition to receive and buy newspapers and books, and the limitation in the availability of objects inside the cell.

This transfer is an attack on a comrade anarchist who never lowered his head: who, after his arrest and in the trial that followed, claimed head-on to have shot in the legs the CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, Engineer Adinolfi, one of the top nuclear executives in Europe. In recent years, Alfredo has been a thorn in the side for investigators because of his constant contribution to the revolutionary movement, a contribution they would now like to silence.

What is needed is an international mobilization capable of counterattacking, making the Italian state pay the price for this choice. Our weapons lie in the revolutionary struggle, which, by its clarity, is always one step ahead of the ambiguity of law and state justice. The actions taken against the attempt to bring the prison conditions of anarchist inmates closer to 41 bis-particularly in 2019 with the transfer of the women’s AS2 section to L’Aquila prison, which was followed by a long hunger strike-are a manifestation of these practices of ours.

Being anarchists is difficult, but we do not care whether this is considered a crime or not. Those who starve, exploit, and drop bombs on populations are the same men and women who take care to make anarchism fit into the schemes of law, depressing its tensions, suppressing its possibilities for action. This transfer is a warning to all those who believe that there are no “freedoms” granted by masters and rulers, a message to those who – by combining thought and action – intend to destroy the state and capital.

Let solidarity break the isolation where they would like to bury it! We therefore call for an international mobilization under the sign of a revolutionary continuity that makes its field of action ever wider.

Against 41 bis, break the isolation!

Against censorship, let us persevere in anarchist propaganda!

Revolutionary solidarity with the anarchist Alfredo Cospito!


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Source: Fuori dalla riserva