August 23, 2021
From Stand Up To Racism (UK)

The Afghan Human Rights Foundation and Stand up to Racism will call on the government to allow more Afghans to seek asylum in Britain and announce an amnesty for all Afghans currently in Britain, at a demonstration outside the Home Office tonight at 6pm (details below). 

Campaigners say there should be no cap on Afghans coming to Britain and the current proposal of 5,000 this year, 20,000 in total, is not addressing the scale of humanitarian crisis. They also argue this inadequate proposal is likely to be undermined by the Nationality and Borders Bill – dubbed the “Anti-Refugee Bill” – and must be scrapped. 

Many Afghans currently in Britain have been refused asylum in Britain and are waiting to be deported. Tonight’s event will call on the government to announce an amnesty for all Afghans in Britain. 

Mohammad Asif, Afghan Human Rights Foundation said:

“The current situation in Afghanistan is the biggest betrayal in the 21st century. Afghans were deceived and abandoned by the UK and the US for the second time. We will not forget your betrayal. The West went to Afghanistan to remove the barbaric Taliban but 20 years later they empower them at the cost of thousands of innocent Afghan lives including the 500 Britishsoldiers who were killed in Afghanistan by Taliban. Now that the West have abandoned Afghanistan the very least they could do is to apologise to the British and Afghan people for their failure.

“Secondly there should be no cap on Afghan refugees coming to the UK. The US & the UK are responsible for the current chaos and anarchy in Afghanistan. We call upon Priti Patel to immediately announce Amnesty for the UK based Afghan asylum seekers and to grant them humanitarian protection. All those Afghan asylum seekers whose cases have been refused should be allowed to live here legally with the grant of humanitarian protection. We demand the scrapping of Anti Refugee bill and ask the UK government to to be more compassionate.”

Sabby Dhalu, Co-Convenor of Stand up to Racism said:

“We demand that the government provide sanctuary for all Afghans that need to seek asylum in Britain. The government’s proposal of allowing in only 5,000 Afghan refugees this year, and 20,000 people in total, is woefully inadequate and nowhere near meets the scale of the crisis. As the humanitarian crisis further unfolds it’s clear more needs to be done. 

“We support the call for an amnesty for Britain based Afghan asylum seekers. It beggars belief that Afghan asylum seekers have been refused asylum. This must be reversed. The Nationality and Borders Bill dubbed the ‘Anti-Refugee Bill’ by refugees and supporting charities, will make it harder for people to seek asylum in Britain at a time when the government need to allow in more refugees. We call on the government to scrap the Anti-Refugee Bill.” 


Open Safe Routes – Stop deportations – Stop the Asylum Bill 


🗓Mon 23 Aug


📍Home Office, Marsham Street, Westminster 

Called by SUTR & Afghan Human Rights Foundation.

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