April 28, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          April 28th. International Workers Memorial Day, was marked across the world in different ways. The Glasgow Keelie marked it a most poignant and powerful manner, taking various disasters at work places and displaying them as aprons hung on the common drying green of Glasgow Green opposite what used to be Templeton’s carpet factory, site of one of the disasters. The first part of the display was made up of 29 aprons each on representing a young women killed at the Templeton’ carpet factory disaster, 1889, when a wall collapsed on top of the loom shed, the ages of those killed ranged form 14 years. Each apron had the name and age of the person killed and some details of that person. The other half of the display was of aprons each representing various disasters where workers lost their lives at work, from the Auchengeich coal mine disaster to the Piper Alpha oil rig disaster. The aprons were laid out in several long lines resembling white tombstones of a national graveyard. There were other displays hung on the washing line, one giving the UN shocking statement: United Nations estimates that six thousand people are killed daily at work – three times MORE people than in WARS, drug and alcohol abuse combined. [United Nations]. An unacceptable price to pay for trying to earn your crust of bread.
        The whole display created considerable interest from those walking on the green, and shocked many of them at this relentless waste of human life for profit. The display will remain on the Green’s common drying green until Sunday, so why not take a stroll in Glasgow Green and take a look at this catalogue that shows what some people have to pay in this economic system to put food on the table. 

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