November 27, 2020
From Radical Glasgow (UK)


        Prison reform is the usual paracetamol, an attempt to make you feel better without attacking your real problem. Somehow there are those who call for better conditions for prisoners, better medical facilities, more education and recreational facilities, more family visits, etc.. What they seem to miss is that prisons, even if all these demands were met, would still be inhumane, institutions of repression and a form of cheap forced labour, abolition is the only humane answer. Forced incarceration of humans, as with other animals, is unacceptable in any civilised society. Those outside the prison system continually fight for justice and equality, it is only natural that those incarcerated with less justice and more inequality, will enter into struggle to relieve them from this inhumanity that swamps their lives.
     No matter how you dress them up, prisons are not “rehabilitation centres”, “correction centres”, or any other nice sounding name with which you wish to label them. The prime and only purpose of the judicial and prison system is to protect the status-quo of this unequal society. They are state institution to quell any dissent from the population, to turn the rebellious into the submissive, to intimidate and deter others from joining any organised attempt at changing the power, privilege and wealth structure of this unjust unequal society.
     The struggle for justice inside prisons is often is met with more savagery and brutality than those struggles outside those anonymous looking hellholes. So I believe they should always receive as much publicity as we can muster, their struggle is our struggle, there can be no justice and civilised society while the prison walls still stand.

       Hundreds of prison rebels in the Cook Unit of the Eyman prison in Florence, Arizona surrounded prison staff and destroyed prison infrastructure during an uprising Wednesday afternoon. According to one prisoner, windows were broken during the uprising and the unit looked like it had “exploded.”
        Prisoners at the facility and their family members said that prisoners were moved to the recreation yard with their hands zip-tied behind their backs while officers searched their cells. “They came in with tear gas, flash bangs, pepper spray, and started shooting them at everyone,” one prisoner wrote in an email. “It was basically a war zone.”
      In response to the uprising, the facility has cancelled Thanksgiving video visitation.
       Over 400 prisoners at the facility have tested positive for COVID-19 during the pandemic and one has died, according to data maintained by the prison. Several family members of prisoners expressed concerns about conditions at the facility.
       The Arizona State Prison Complex at Eyman is Arizona’s single largest prison, imprisoning over 5,400 people.
      With prison pigs spreading the COVID-19 pandemic inside prisons, imprisoned comrades are taking action to defend themselves and rise up aginst the brutality of the prison enslavement system.

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