May 18, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

While this banner’s symbol only hints at the anarchistic Jews (and accomplices) who created it for this past Friday’s #FreePalestine solidarity demo that we circled up for with about 200-300 other people on the stolen lands of so-called Pittsburgh, the hamsa has long been used by various peoples and faiths across the Middle East and elsewhere to signal, among other things, “protection.”

I like to think, at yet another moment when many of us feel both helpless to stop the bloodshed of settler colonialism and heartened by the collective strength of our struggle against it, that our forms of resistance are at the same time forms of prefiguring the world to come.

We protect each other—even if only by holding huge #SolidarityWithPalestine gatherings in countless cities around the world—in ways that are utterly at odds with how states and cops, say, “protect.”

We protect in ways that are reciprocal, mutualistic…