August 13, 2021
From Popular Resistance

Above photo: US protestors block entrance to Raytheon’s facility over weapon sales to Israel. Via Social Media.

US protestors early Thursday morning blocked the entrance to Raytheon’s facility in Portsmouth in protest of weapon sales to Israel.

Members of the FANG Collective, a Pawtucket-based group that organized the protest, along with Resist and Abolish the Military Industrial Complex (RAM INC), said that they were protesting Raytheon’s weapon sales to Israel, among others.

The protest saw several people chaining themselves to cars to block the front gate and others holding banners and chanting slogans.

FANG said in a press statement that they shut down all vehicle entrances to Raytheon’s facility as two people attached themselves to vehicles that were blocking the main entrance to the facility.

Police said that they called the Portsmouth Fire Department to release the two men after they refused to do so themselves. The two men were eventually arrested.

FANG pointed in the statement to a 2018 CNN report revealing that Raytheon, the largest producer of guided missiles in the world and the second-largest military contractor, has sold billions of dollars of weapons to Israel, among others, used to kill civilians in Palestine.