November 10, 2020
From Idavox

They let bonehead Brien James promote this thing, and this is what they get for their troubles.

A promotional video for an Nov. 14 rally sponsored by Proud Boys at the White House, has been released on the Telegram account of neo-Fascist Brien James that includes the anthem of a White Nationalist social networking project.

The rally is referred to in the video as “Million MAGA March,” and the plan is for those supporting Donald Trump as he contests his defeat on Election Day to President-elect Joe Biden to march from the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. to the White House on Saturday November 14. Curiously, no organization or person is listed on the Twitter account for the event, but James and other Proud Boy associates are listed as contact persons on Telegram flyers. Meanwhile, prominent neo-Fascists such as antisemetic commentator Nicholas Fuentes and propagandist Cassandra Fairbanks have promoted the event on Twitter. In the video, that James posted today, features what is called the Mannerbund Anthem.

A product of German writer Hans Bluher, the historical Mannerbund was a secret, initiatory society of males who bonded through communal hiking and wilderness activities, while incorporating homoeroticism as an integral facet of their practice and initiatory structure. Bluher’s Mannerbund derived its form from historical accounts of institutionalized pederasty among the classical Greeks, specifically the use of older men making unwanted sexual advances towards young boys as both an introduction to sexuality and as a means of bonding through a shared breaking of a taboo. While this might have been seen as groundbreaking philosophy in the early 1900s, today it is recognized to be both child rape and the infrastructure of “grooming.” The internet imageboard 4chan has provided years of evidence of its pedophilic tendencies, and it’s more likely than not that projects emanating from “the chans” will carry with them the mark of child abuse. It is from 4-chan’s infamously neo-nazi /pol/ board that a White Nationalist social networking project called the Mannerbund was formed. The project essentially a loose confederation of small local cells of fascist men, where they can bond and network away from prying eyes.

James, who is the leader of the Proud Boys’ Indiana Chapter, is known as a neo-Nazi leader and organizer, who formed the neo-Nazi hate group Vinlanders Social Club as well as the American Guard, which was formed with other neo-Fascists. He prefers to call himself a “civic nationalist” who unlike “ethno nationalists” are open to associating with men from other races. Despite the terminology, Proud Boys have a history of associating regularly with White Nationalists, and James himself has worked with them even while he says he is no longer a part of his old circles.