August 16, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

How Western freedom is spread.
Two Afghans enjoying freedom & democracy Western style.
            Imperialist America and all the hangers-on are wringing their hands and saying why did America pull out of Afghanistan, they never ask the right question, which is why did America go in to Afghanistan in the first place. Twenty years of blood shed and misery for thousands of ordinary people, 3,487 occupation forces killed, of which over 400 were UK military personnel killed on another failed American act of imperialism. Nothing new there, in its Iraqi invasion and occupation the number of Iraqis killed is given as 1,455,590. The U$A spent $83 billion training and arming the Afghan army and built a government force of over 300,000, to see it collapse in two weeks, before a supposed small group of ragtag terrorists. The scenes at Kabul airport are a mirror vision of the humiliating and chaotic fleeing of U$A from Saigon airport as the U$A pulled out of another of its failed imperialist ventures in Vietnam. Sadly humiliation never seems to deter this imperialist monster, it still stomps around the world like some super warlord, when in fact it is made up of a pack of delude psychopaths. Putting aside for a moment the human misery involved in these imperialist acts of barbarity, the financial cost is astronomical, some where in the stratosphere. Since 2001 the U$A psychopaths have spent $5,440,149,688,148 of the American people’s tax money on wars, don’t ask me to read that number out loud, I just can’t grasp that amount. Think what that could have done for green energy, hospitals, education and other social services. 

The West bringing democracy to the Middle East.
          When it comes to the welfare of the people, there is not enough money, when it comes to slaughter and imperialist adventures, money is no object. That’s capitalism as it is today.

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