November 25, 2020
From Opstand (Poland)

QSU 4-9-2020 Queer Plants
a dirty yello backround and a sketch of a tree having a human shape. on top white font and pink font telling the date and time and to take bikes. The title GayPlants is mentioned.
This friday’s queerspreekuur: The theme of the week is going to be plants and queerness. Until now, QSU’s been happening at the Samenscholing, but we want to do this edition in a place where there’s actually plants around.
If you want to cycle there together, meet us at The Hague Centraal Station at 16:00 to go somewhere where it’s greener. A person from the QSU will be there waiting with a big rainbow umbrella.
We’ll start at 17:00, and we’ll go for a walk identifying edible and medicinal plants, as well as talk about (queer) plants. If the weather allows, this will happen outside, but if it’s raining there’s an indoors space available for that, too. Afterwards, there will be food on donation.
The conversation will centre around what plants and queerness actually have to do with each other, the ways we personally relate to plants, and the ways we can access them and use them for healing (including as remedies for common ailments, but also for hormone adjustment, or just as healthy food).
If you want to create a physical reminder of the plants we find, you can take an old book to press some of them. It will also be possible to gather plants for salad or tea or drying or any other reason. For taking those home, it’s best to bring a fabric bag (and scissors).
To bring:
– rain gear, probably
– clothes that can get dirty, preferably long pants (because of brambles and nettles)
– fabric bag and scissors (optional)
– an old book (optional, we will also provide some)
!COVID19 safety measures!
We’ll make sure the space inside allows for physical distancing, and that there are open windows. Please take your own face mask for safety. (if you forgot or still decide to come, we have some there as well). We’ll do our best to facilitate it as covid19 and machosafe as possible.
Accessibility: If cycling is not an option for you, there are also bus stations nearby.There are also cats and dogs present in the place where the event will be.
Send us an email before hand or to let us know on the day itself how we can best accommodate you (i.e. picking you up at the bus station, adapting the walk, cat/dog free space…).
! To our non queer participants !!!:
This session will be a discussion by and for queers – meaning that priority will be given to queer people. People who do not identify as queer and who wish to participate nevertheless can send an email beforehand ( We will let you know by Friday 13.00 if the situation allows for your presence or not.

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