June 25, 2021
From Takku (Finland)

In English | 25.06.2021 @ 00:44 | Katselukertoja: 41


Meeting on Saturday the 3rd of July, 3pm at Narinkkatori, Kamppi!

We are moving at 3:30 and the march is going to Kaivopuisto.

We want a free and livable world.

We are against state control, whether it is directed at gender, sexuality, family forms, culture, movement of people or nationality.

No one else has a right to our genders or bodies. Trans people need to be able to decide themselves on the treatment they need. The role of medical personnel should be to support, not to control.

We are against pinkwashing and a rainbow capitalism topped with glitter. Infinite growth on a finite planet isn’t sustainable, we need socially just degrowth to solve the ecological crisis.

We remember the Stonewall riots where black and poor trans women rose up in violent rebellion against the police and marginalization. We see how in today’s rainbow communities they and many other queers suffering from multiple oppressions are still sidelined.

We are especially against trans excluding cis-centered feminism. Naisten rintama ry (”Women’s front, registered NGO”) and other terfs fuck off!

We demand solidarity and concrete actions from everyone against racism, transphobia and ecological devastation. Stop forced sterilizations, fossil fuels and ethnic profiling! Solidarity to the Roma people, now and always! Let’s support each other, celebrate and fight together against capitalism and the cis-hetero-patriarchy!

Dresscode: pink and black! Remember to mask up 😉 The organizers have some masks for participants. Please don’t bring authoritarian symbols such as national flags or political parties and their youth departments insignia to the demonstration.

Source: Takku.net