June 23, 2021
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Functional Ecologists

Dr Cyren (Asteraceya) Wong talks to us about finding his place in nature.
Dr Cyren Wong Chilling at the waterfall in front of our home
Chilling at the waterfall in front of our home

Most people know me as “Dr Cyren (Asteraceya) Wong” of Naturetalksback, but I did not always go by this name. I started coming out to my family and community at the age of 14. I believe they have always had my best interests at heart, but the pre-existing norms and values of our society got in the way and only succeeded in pushing me to a point where I felt effectively estranged for years. By the age of 16, I believed that I could only be happy if I was like “everybody else”. There were always expectations that I have never been able to fulfil which have always instilled within me a sense of profound inadequacy, anxiety, and insecurity. Giving myself a new name was a powerful…

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