May 18, 2022
From Idavox

“How many more have to die before you cancel Tucker?”

NEW YORK, NY – A weekly demonstration held outside the News Corp. headquarters building to protest Fox News focused today on demanding that host/commentator Tucker Carlson be taken off the air in the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo, NY on Saturday, allegedly by a White supremacist that was inspired by Great Replacement Theory which is often promoted by Carlson.

Approximately thirty persons stood on Fox Plaza which is just outside the building that houses Fox News with banners denouncing White supremacy and signs that targeted not just Carlson but also Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, two hosts that follow Carlson in the evening that have been accused of also promoting racist positions. Others held placards each with the names and pictures of those that were killed in Buffalo.

The protest was organized by Truth Tuesdays, a working group within the direct-action group Rise and Resist, a pro-democracy group founded in the wake of the 2016 election that saw Donald Trump win his bid for the Presidency. Truth Tuesdays has been holding regular demonstrations since August 2021.

Fox News is no stranger to protests due to their racist stances. In 2008, rapper Nas stood outside to protest racist smears by the network, noting how he was the subject of such smears from then-commentator Bill O’Reilly for singling him out as a “a rapper who trades in violence” when he was to perform on behalf of the victims of the Virginia Tech mass shooting in 2007. Still, the concerns about the racist campaigns from Fox only became worse over time, particularly during the Trump Administration. On May 1, the morning show Fox and Friends proved itself to be the latest example when co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy declared that the Democratic Party is comprised of “minorities who see themselves as victims” and “self-loathing Whites.”  Earlier her co-host Will Cain had said the party was comprised of primarily White, college-educated women who had been fueling contempt against conservative ideals.

The Truth Tuesdays rallies start at noon every Tuesday and last for approximately an hour.