April 1, 2021
From Anarchist News

Researchers at the Institute for Social Ecology have unearthed a previously unseen photograph of Murray Bookchin, showing the Dean at a national park in Vermont. This is to date the only known photograph in existence of Bookchin outdoors.

“We were amazed when we first saw it,” said Dr Brian Tokar of the ISE. “At first we thought he was stood in front of a poster. But when we looked closer we saw that he was in fact not indoors. We were staggered.”

The researchers confirmed the location with Bookchin’s daughter, Debbie Bookchin:

“Yes, I remember it well. We’d been on holiday before, of course, but Dad would never leave his room. He had too many papers to mark, he’d always say. But that day Mom coaxed him away from his desk by telling him someone was flying a remote control helicopter over the hotel. He rushed out onto the balcony to take a photograph of it for his collection and that’s where the picture was taken, with him looking around for the toy helicopter. If you look closely you can see he’s annoyed that me and Mom had tricked him, but he pretended not to mind. ‘Well, best get back to it,’ he said, ‘those papers won’t mark themselves!’ and he tapped the pens in his top pocket and went back inside.”

Source: Anarchistnews.org