April 19, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          A few weeks ago I posted an article about the Dutch police closing down several anarchist sites by seizing their server. One of the sites closed down was “Act For Freedom Now”, you’ll be delighted to hear that the site is up and running with a brighter cleaner look. 325 was another site closed down, but we should not point the finger at the Dutch authorities alone, these operations of stifling and trying to silence any voices that dare to speak up against the present economic system of capitalism with all its attendant miseries and corruptions, are done with international co-operation. We see it in Greece, France, Germany, America anywhere where the state reigns, authority will be brutal to any opposition to its power and privileges. At the moment Myanmar is probably the most open scene of state savagery and repression.
        The following statement is from 325, one of the sites the Dutch police, with the approval of other states, tried to silence. 

 Statement on the Repressive Attack upon International Counter-Information

         On 29.03.21 the Dutch police raided the data center that holds the nostate.net server, seizing the server itself as the part of a criminal investigation into ‘terrorism’. Nostate.net is a collective that provided a platform for international movement websites from prisoner solidarity groups, multiple campaign collectives, anti-summit pages and international counter-information. Significant sites that used nostate.net as a platform that have been targeted by this repressive attack by the Dutch police are Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, Montreal Counter-Info, Northshore Counter-Info, Act For Freedom Now! (now re-activated on noblogs.org https://actforfree.noblogs.org/) and 325.
         We as a collective are aware that this was not just an attack by the Dutch police, but was done in coordination with the Counter Terrorism Unit of the United Kingdom in connection with their recent repressive attacks upon the anarchist circles in this country. Not only have they been threatening ourselves, but recently threatened nostate.net unless they shut down our site. Along with this they demanded information be given to them of the identity of anyone involved in 325. The extent that the authorities will go to attack us and anyone they suspect of aiding us is of no surprise to us, the examples through history of state forces repressing anyone who dares to stand and fight them are numerous.

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