December 2, 2020
From Berkeley Anarchist Study Group (USA)

Next week will be our second to last reading of Gestalt Therapy (link to the text posted a few weeks back if anyone still needs it). We’ll read Chapters XIII and XIV, which leaves only one chapter remaining in this wonderful book!

In two weeks (12/14) we’re going to look at some more Bataille. The Sacred Conspiracy is for sure on the menu for then, but we’ll need to figure out a few supplementary texts to go with it. If you have any suggestions, let’s hear em!

Be sure to keep an eye on Shawn Wilbur’s website ( if you’re interested in continuing to follow his “Constructing Anarchisms” project. There have been some interesting posts over the past week, so give it a look!

And for anyone who wants to check out the interview Wolfi and Jason recorded a few years back on the idea of synthesis, you can find it HERE. I’m about twenty minutes in right now and can confirm that it’s definitely worth listening to — as if you needed any confirmation given the individuals who recorded it!

Hope to see you next time!