IMPORTANT: starting next week, August 10th, we will no longer be making use of Jitsi to allow for online participation in our Tuesday night conversations. These discussions will henceforth revert to only taking place in person, every Tuesday from 7:30-9:30pm at The Long Haul Infoshop [3124 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley, CA]. There will be another group continuing to meet digitally on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm at http://meet.jit.si in room name ‘bastardanarchy’. However, to avoid confusion, this site will only be updated with readings to be discussed at the in-person, Tuesday night study group. Once a new page for posting the weekly readings for the online group is created, a link will be posted here.

For next Tuesday, we’re going to look at a few readings from Shawn Wilbur’s ongoing project “Constructing Anarchisms”. We’ll discuss:

Constructing an Anarchism: Approaching An-anarchy

Constructing an Anarchism: An-Archy

Anarchy and Anarchism – Insides and Outsides

All together it’s a bit longer than our new self-imposed limit of approximately 15 pages, but not too much, and worth the read I think. See you Tuesday to discuss!

For a general overview of Shawn’s extensive project, you can click HERE.

Source: Bastard.noblogs.org