IMPORTANT: we are no longer using Jitsi to allow for online participation in our Tuesday night study group. These conversations will henceforth revert to taking place solely in person, at the usual time and place: every Tuesday from 7:30-9:30pm at The Long Haul Infoshop [3124 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley, CA]. We originally incorporated Jitsi into the group as a means of allowing us to continue convening during the height of social distancing, but with things beginning to return to normal and the downsides of this technological mediation being felt more and more prominently as time has gone on, we have decided to return to a face-to-face format. There will be another group continuing to meet digitally on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm at http://meet.jit.si in room name ‘bastardanarchy’. However, to avoid confusion, this site will only be updated with readings for the in-person, Tuesday night Berkeley anarchist study group. Once a new page for posting the weekly readings for the online group is created, a link will be posted here.

This week we’ll look at two pieces which aren’t extensively correlated, but perhaps will work well in conversation with each other:

Paul Z. Simons: Pure Black – An Emerging Consensus Among Some Comrades?

Tom Nomad & Gallus Stanig Mag: An Enduring Passion for Criminality [from Hostis 1]

Hope to see you Tuesday to discuss!

Source: Bastard.noblogs.org