Building upon our last conversation around the importance of a strategic orientation to anarchist activity, two pieces by Aragorn! (RIP) on the topic of strategy.

Nihilism as Strategy (from Boom!)

Attentat – Nihilism as Strategy II (from Attentat)

As an optional addendum for any masochists/punishment gluttons, another piece by A! that fits in with the thematic of strategy: Anarchy & Strategy

We have decided on a date and theme for this year’s BASTARD Conference. The event will take place on Saturday, November 13th 2021 at The Long Haul in Berkeley, CA. This year’s theme will be “Excess”. A call for submissions detailing the conference and this year’s theme is forthcoming, but in the meantime please send any proposals for presentations, discussions, performances, etc. to birdsoffire[at]riseup[dot]net. The deadline for proposals will be October 3rd. We look forward to sharing the 20th incarnation of the BASTARD Conference with you all in a few months!

Source: Bastard.noblogs.org