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Reading Group – Goodbye (for now)

August 22, 2020
From London Anarchist Federation

After two studious years we’ll now put an end to the London Anarchist Federation’s monthly reading group in its current incarnation –

it’s been incredibly educational and enjoyable to debate all things anarchism with so many of you!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who attended and to Freedom Bookshop for hosting us every month!

We never really anticipated anything when we started and were so glad to see so many of you not only sharing a read with us, but becoming parts of other actions, too.

If you’re interested in past meetings and their reading material, you can find them: Here

We recommend you check out the (currently) online reading groups run by the Green Anti-Capitalist Front (greenanticapitalist.org) and the North East Anarchist Group (northeastanarchistgroup.org).

We’ll see you around –


Source: Aflondon.wordpress.com
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