June 14, 2021
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Anarchy in the Sticks!

Historian Rebecca Hall speaks to Leyla Reynolds about hidden histories, women-led slave revolts and why she’s doing academia differently.

You don’t often see historians presenting their work via illustration. But thinking about it, why not? What better way to bring the past to vivid life?

That’s exactly the approach taken by Dr Rebecca Hall, a historian who’s seeking to uncover the hidden legacies of transatlantic slavery via graphic novel.

Her new book, WAKE, is a collaboration with artist Hugo Martinez and explores the under-researched history of women-led slave revolts in the Americas.

The book explores both the revolts that took place on slave ships during the so-called ‘Middle Passage’ stage of the Triangular Trade and uprisings that happened in colonial New York, pieced together from historical evidence ranging from slave ship logs to forensic matter taken from enslaved African burial grounds in the city.

Dr Hall –…

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