September 3, 2020
From Anarchist Federation (UK)


Anarchistisches Radio Berlin (A-Radio Berlin) spoke recently to a comrade from the Federation for Anarchist Organizing (FAO) in Slovenia and Croatia. Amongst the topics discussed were the ongoing social uprising in Slovenia, the dynamics and challenges of such a movement in the Covid-19 context, state repression and neonazi attacks as well as a comparison to the 2012/2013 uprising. Last but not least our comrade offers an analysis of the tactics used in the struggle and how to possibly go forward.

You’ll find the audio, to listen online or download, here (Length: 27Âœ mins, 12 August 2020):

or play from here (in English after a short intro to the internet radio station in German) 

Interview transcript available:


A-Radio Berlin conducted another interview about Belarus with a comrade from there on 31 August, 2020. Here is the audio link (56Πmins): or you can play from here

Transcript here: