November 25, 2020
From Haleyvilleara

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In light of many recent mass shootings and political violence taking place in the streets and at political rallies, we’ve put together this flyer to be put up around campuses in the area so that students and faculty members can be informed about various hate groups organizing to promote violence and hate. All these groups are active either directly in our state or very close by. We’ve seen an upsurge in fascist recruiting on campuses throughout the US, most prominently by hate groups American Identity Movement (a rebrand of Identity Evropa) and Patriot Front (a rebrand of Vanguard America after being exposed participating in the deadly Unite the Right rally). This is intended to educate the public about these violent groups, some of which, such as American Identity Movement and Patriot Front, have been directly linked to terrorism, such as mass shootings and running a car into a crowd.

We call on antifascists and people of good conscience to put up this flyer, letting the community know of violent groups that may be recruiting on campuses. We stand to protect all targetted, vulnerable, and oppressed people by racists and fascists. Antifascism is self-defense.

PDF below:

Hate Groups on Campus pdf