November 16, 2020
From Just Say No

Over the years I’ve excreted mountains of verbal waste under this and other names. Most of it sinks without a ripple; often the writing I labor longest on is least read. Wind and rain eradicate the self-aggrandizing sand mandalas and no-one’s better or worse off for them ever having existed.

Occasionally someone asks after something I wrote that they remember and can no longer find. This has been notably true of “the Curse of Kirsha,” the two-of-three part opus I wrote about art, race and real estate in New Orleans for a vanished New Orleans anarchist newspaper called The Shotgun.

Always eager to please, I’ve accordingly used some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars I earn yearly as a successful video game streamer to hire a team of forensic blog recoverists who ventured into the digital Underdark and retrieved these lost manuscripts.

People have also asked me various times, “What happened to The Shotgun?” This is a very good question with kind of a spicy answer. To learn that answer, you’ll have to pick up “Funko Wars,” a forthcoming collaborative zine with my pal Robb where we EXPOSE THE TRUTH about wrongdoings and injustices!

Anyway, dated approximately for the dates of their original publication (why? I don’t know), please enjoy “The Curse of Kirsha”, part one and part two, “Carnival Confidential,” and “Meet Your Local Clown Fascists.”

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