Magda Malinowska, a trade unionist and member of the Presidium of the Inter-Enterprise Employee Initiative Commission at Amazon, has been fired from her job since November 9, 2021. This dismissal is further evidence of the anti-union and anti-worker policies that Amazon is pursuing internationally.



Amazon took the opportunity to fire Malinowska while she was trying to fulfil her role as a social labour inspector and her duties as a trade unionist. Amazon alleges that Malinowska, an elected trade unionist, disrespected the personal dignity of another employee. This allegation is not only a smear designed to tarnish the reputation of a dedicated fighter for workers’ rights, but also a blatant distortion of the reality of working conditions at Amazon. Unions around the world have condemned the exploitative working conditions at Amazon that are key to the company’s huge profits.

Magda Malinowska was sacked for standing up against the exploitation that Amazon stands for, exploitation that puts dignity and health and safety second. Magda stands for organising workers at Amazon and that is the only reason she was sacked.

Amazon management in Poznań, Poland, systematically violates workers’ rights and obstructs trade union activity. This dismissal is illegal, unethical and a provocation to the working class movement.

We call on trade union organisations to stand with Magda Malinowska and demand her reinstatement.

We know Magda very well, she is the face of every fighting colleague, she is our sister in struggle and her struggle is our struggle. This injustice must not pass.

Our union is in solidarity with Magda Malinowska and will stand by her side by any means necessary.

Reinstate Magda Malinowska !
Hands off our trade union rights !