January 16, 2021
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“the tragedy and collapse of the health system in the Amazon and the Covid-19 pandemic are worsening throughout the country under the clinical eye of Bolsonaro.”

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Brazil needs to expel the far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, from power today to face with tangible results the biggest health crisis in a century that undermines the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, recognized jurists demanded.

In statements to the Rede Brasil Atual news portal, former Justice Minister Eugênio Aragão and Pedro Serrano, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, valued that the impeachment process, at the very least, would probably have reduced support for the ex-military president.

A burial takes place in an area reserved for COVID-19 victims at the Nossa Senhora Aparecida cemetery in Manaus, Brazil, on January 5, 2021

Grim start to 2021 for Brazil with over 200,000 Covid deaths

In the same way, it would also reveal to a good part of the supporters the reality of his behavior towards the pathogen, as well as its effects.

But, Rede recalls, the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, does not want this path because he rules out opening a political trial against the former Army captain.

Without offering evidence, President Jair Bolsonaro said most Brazilians don’t want to be vaccinated, even as the country passes 200,000 Covid-19 deaths.

“As far as I know, less than half would be willing to take the vaccine,” the far-right leader told crowds outside his official residence Thursday. “This is from a poll I’ve taken. I’ve taken it in the street, the beach,” he added.

A December survey by Datafolha found 73% of Brazilians said they were willing to be vaccinated, down from 89% in August. Bolsonaro’s comments were made hours after Brazil’s health regulator, Anvisa, issued an emergency measure to fast-track approval and bidding of the injections.

After months of downplaying the virus, Bolsonaro buttressed his skepticism by casting doubt on the efficacy of boosters and pushing unfounded claims of deadly side effects and unproven cures. That stance has hindered Brazil’s ability to respond to one of the world’s worst outbreaks, and the country has now fallen behind regional neighbors Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica in the race to inoculate.



However Bolsonaro reportedly to have finally agreed to purchase 46 million doses of CoronaVac last week. Bolsonaro had vocally opposed the CoronaVac Chinese vaccine candidates and personally intervened last year to prevent the governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, from buying coronavirus vaccines from China.

CoronaVac is already widely used in China and considered safe but now reported to be less than 60% effective.

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For an impeachment process to open, Rep, Rodrigo Maia must agree. Then a committee examines whether or not to continue. The accused has 20 days to defend himself. If it continues, members must approve the petition by a qualified majority (two-thirds of the lower house).

Despite claiming he would not impeach Bolsonaro, Maia has used his platform on Twitter to increasingly aggressively attack the president.

As the conservative Brazilian outlet Terça Livre noted this week, Maia called Bolsonaro a “coward” for his alleged criticism of his Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello and blamed Bolsonaro for every single coronavirus death in the country, stating pointedly, “it’s your fault.”

Bolsonaro: 200 mil vidas perdidas até agora. Você tem culpa.

— Rodrigo Maia (@RodrigoMaia) January 9, 2021

If the accusation is for a common crime, the judgment will fall in the Supreme Federal Court; if it is for a crime of responsibility, in the Senate.

During this phase, the president is removed from office for 180 days. If he is acquitted, he automatically returns to his position; if he is convicted, he is immediately removed from office.

The news portal denounces that “the tragedy and collapse of the health system in the Amazon and the Covid-19 pandemic are worsening throughout the country under the clinical eye of Bolsonaro.”

Bolsonaro has increased the military police’s wide immunity to prosecution for tens of thousands of killings and favours a return to military dictatorship, abolition of womens, workers and gay rights, and opening up the Amazon rainforest to rapid destruction.

Alert that, in the face of this picture of mismanagement, in which there are more than 207 thousand deaths from Covid-19 (more than a thousand a day) and 8.5 million infections, Brazil is slipping towards uncertainty and has not even started to be vaccinated , which already happens in more than 50 countries.

‘We need to understand the conduct of the federal Executive, tragic, unique in the world in relation to the pandemic… Bolsonaro’s conduct is genocidal. He would have to be removed from power, ” Serrano said.

On his part, Aragão remarked that ‘impeachment would undoubtedly contribute to a better management of this crisis than with Bolsonaro, his crooked talk, misinforming and, above all, omitting himself. We have no helmsman on the ship, which is at the mercy of the storm. ‘

Bolsonaro’s supporters lost ground in the recent elections but until now has retained wide popular support, according to polls, though the fall of his mentor Donald Trump and the vaccination chaos may dent his populist fascist image.


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Young, black and more likely to die in Brazil

In Brazil, thousands of people are killed by the police every year.

Together with a local NGO, the Brazilian Forum of Public Safety, BBC Brazil investigation set out to uncover who is most at risk of lethal police violence there.After examining more than 1200 profiles of those killed in 2020, it found that in Rio de Janeiro state alone, 75% of all those who died were black Brazilians.Both Ana-Paula Rocha and Rafaela Coutinho Matos lost their sons in incidents involving the police. They’ve told the BBC their stories.In both cases, the authorities have confirmed that no one has been arrested but that an investigation is on-going.

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